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TNPSC exams differ from the academic exams, with appropriate and dedication preparation, anyone can be qualified in the TNPSC exams. Lakhs of candidates dreaming for Group 1 job and but only a handful of them are cracking the exam and get qualified to work under the State Government of Tamil Nadu. So to succeed among lakhs of people, you need to work hard and smartly.

How to prepare for TNPSC GROUP 1 exam?

Attend Online Mock Test:

The utmost important thing is to evaluate your performance on a regular basis. One cannot simply just get selected just by studying the theory contents in the books. Learning and practicing is important as much as keep on memorizing the theory contents. Time management plays the most important role in the TNPSC exam that is the deciding factor. The more you practice the more you will perform in the exam. In civil service aspirants TNPSC study material there is syllabus wise questions for online test. So that after completing a particular topic in a subject you can able to attend the online test to check your proficiency level. This will give you a clear understanding of which subject you have to concentrate more.

Go Through Previous Year Question Papers:

One cannot simply get selected just by studying the theory contents in the books. Going through the TNPSC previous year question papers is the best way to know about the exam pattern and from which subjects more number of questions have been repeated. Even you can notice some questions would have been repeated even with the same set of options. So when you revise with the previous year question papers you can easily secure a few marks for sure. Here there is around 20 plus previous year question papers for real-time test and practice mode. The real-time test option will be the same as the TNPSC exam with the fixed three hours of duration and after the test instantly you can check your results that is how much you have secured and how much time you have spent approximately answering each question. And also you check your rank and performance compared with others who have attempted the tests.

Keep Practicing:

Keep practicing as much as you can. Here we have syllabus wise questions so that you can try solving it after completing a particular topic or subject. This will help you to understand the level of progress of your preparation.

Revise Regularly:

Aspirants must revise regularly. Whatever the subject or a particular topic you have studied need to be revised thoroughly. Your preparation schedule must have a slot for revision. Without proper revision, you cannot able to recall about a topic during the exam. Since this is a competitive exam you must be smart to choose the correct answer within the time.

Find out in which part you can score more?

We cannot predict from which subjects more numbers of question will be asked. By analyzing the previous year question papers you will get an idea and in which subject you have concentrate more.

Consistent Preparation:

Do not rush in completing the syllabus. Because you must have a better understanding of the topics then only you can compete with others. Time management is the most important deciding factor in the TNPSC exams. One should have prepared well but cannot able to attempt all the questions within the time. Always stick to the schedule do not neglect any topic or subject. Even though if you are not in any subject keep on studying and revise regularly it will help to overcome the weak subjects. To crack the exam with good cut off marks, then you need to spend minimum of six hours per day for your preparation.