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Group 4 TNPSC Question Paper - 25th August 2013


Identify the correct preposition from the options given below :
The papers are to be prepared _______ a month.

Answer : A. within


Identify the correct prepositions from the options given below :
There is not enough space ________ the desk and the bench. Arrange them properly, _______ the classes commence.

Answer : B. between, before


Choose the correct order of the prepositions from the options given to fill in the blanks of the following passage :
_______ first, we sat _______ the shade _____ a tree, but later we went ________ a swim ________ the river.

Answer : C. at, in, of, for, in


Choose the appropriate question tag for the following statement :
She hasn't submitted the note, ______ ?

Answer : C. has she?


They sometime "skinned their noses". What is the figurative meaning of the phrase "Skinned their noses"?

Answer : A. were upset by failures


"I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him". Whose words are these?

Answer : A. Antony


Why did your brother write such a letter?
Choose the passive form of the above sentence:

Answer : C. Why was such a letter written by your brother?


Read the passage and answer the question that follows:
The chief characteristics of heroism is persistency. A true hero is never wavering in his intentions, but is always firm and fearless. The word 'persistency' means :

Answer : D. Consistency


Read the statement given below and answer the question that follows :
Dress and address make the first and foremost impression. The word underlined means :

Answer : B. our speech and manners


Identify the sentence which is not of the same pattern as the others :

Answer : D. My uncle presented me a lap-top