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Group 4 TNPSC Question Paper - 25th August 2013


Read the passage and choose the option that indicates the idea contained in the passage :
For the sake of enjoying literature it is not necessary for us to be indifferent towards many other affairs of social life.

Answer : C. Literature includes developing in one social awareness too


After all, winners don't do different things. They do things differently.
Pick out the right antonym of the word "different".

Answer : B. similar


Match the following characters and the plays they appear in:

Column A Column B
a) Portia 1) The Taming of the shrew
b) Mark Antony 2) Hamlet
c) Bianca 3) The Merchant of Venice
d) Claudius 4) Julius Caesar

Answer : C. 3 4 1 2


Identify the incorrect statement.

Answer : A. Listening to music agitates our minds


"Specific goals are better than general ones. Self chosen goals are better than assigned ones.
Choose goals that are challenging, but reachable".
In this context, the opposite of the word 'asssigned' is ___________

Answer : C. self-chosen


After all, winners don't do different things. They do things differently.
The above lines suggests

Answer : C. Winners do things differently


Which place is described in the Ahtushi Deshpande's travelogue 'To the land of snow'?

Answer : C. Surat


Match the titles of poems under Column A with the names of poets under Column B and choose the correct codes.

Column A Column B
a) The Cry of the children 1) Archibald Lampman
b) A Psalm of Life 2) Elizabeth Barrett Browning
c) To a Millionaire 3) William Wordsworth
d) The Solitary Reaper 4) Henry Wordsworth Longfellow

Answer : B. 2 4 1 3


Match the titles of the stories given under Column A with the names of the author under Column B and select the correct answer from the codes given below :

Column A Column B
a) The Last Leaf 1) Saki
b) Two Friends 2) O' Henry
c) The Refugee 3) Guy de Maupassant
d) The Open Window 4) Pearl S. Buck

Answer : B. 2 3 4 1


The story "Caught Sneezing" is adapted from the short story written by ________

Answer : D. Oscar Wilde