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Group 4 TNPSC Question Paper - 25th August 2013


Find the odd pair from the following :

Answer : D. The tears of the Desert - Rob Reilly


Identify the work which is not an autobiography :

Answer : D. Glimpses of World History


The only people who were pleased to stay in the selfish Giant's garden were ___________

Answer : B. The Snow and the Frost


"Like a golden swarm of fireflies you came".
Identify the figure of speech employed in the poetic line :

Answer : D. Simile


Identify the poetic line that differs in figure of speech from the other poetic lines :

Answer : C. You were the dawn


Choose the option with the right meaning of the idiom given below :
Show one's yellow streak

Answer : C. exhibiting one's cowardice


Match the following words given under Column A with their meanings under Column B and select the correct answer from the codes given below :

Column A Column B
a) interred 1) weapon
b) ruffle 2) abundant
c) copious 3) burried
d) armament 4) disturb

Answer : B. 3 4 2 1


From the given options, choose the author who has written 'The Return of the Native'

Answer : A. Thomas Hardy


Tick the correct plural for the given word :

Answer : B. criteria


Identify the type of this sentence :
The old TV belongs to my sister and it needs repair

Answer : C. Compound