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Group 4 TNPSC Question Paper - 21st December 2014


Choose the correct verb form to fill the blank from the options given below :
The office ________ from Tuesday to Friday next week.

Answer : D. will not be functioning


Complete the sentence choosing an option from those given below :
It is natural in every man to wish ________ distinction.

Answer : D. for


Identify the sentence which is not of the same pattern as the others :

Answer : D. He wore his new uniform.


Match the following sentences in Column A with the patterns in Column B and select the correct answer from the codes given :

Column A Column B
a) We cal Gandhi 'Mahatma'. 1) SVCA
b) Velu grew tired after the match 2) SVIODO
c) We wear woollen clothes in winter. 3) SVOC
d) Kumar gave me the right answer 4) SVOA

Answer : B. 3 1 4 2


Select the compound sentence

Answer : D. Goals provide direction to your behaviour and guide your thoughts.


Select the correct verb to complete each command to form imperative sentence.

Verb Command
a) Find 1) Clearly
b) Dial 2) Carefully
c) Explain 3) A phone
d) Listen 4) 108

Answer : A. 3 4 1 2


Fill in the blanks with correct word of Homophone from the options given below :
The old man couldn't bear the pain walking ___________ on the rugged road after the rains.

Answer : B. bare


Select the correct sentence from options given below :

Answer : B. The people of Jhansi welcomed Lakshmibai into their hearts.


Select the correct adjective form for the underlined word from the options given below :
There is tears for his love...death for his ambition.

Answer : D. ambitious


Choose the option with the right meaning of the idiom given below :
In the pink of one's health

Answer : C. extremely healthy