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Group 4 TNPSC Question Paper - 21st December 2014


"A Slender tinkling fall that made" .
In the above quoted lines from Going for water by Robert Frost the figure of speech that occur is

Answer : B. Anaphora


In which of the poem does the following lines occur?
We can't all be captains, we've got to be crew

Answer : A. Be the Best


The State U.R. Ananthamoorthy was born, brought up and lived in till his death was __________.

Answer : B. Karnataka


The following poetic lines are from
If this be error and upon me prov'd,
I never write, nor no man ever lov'd.

Answer : B. William Shakespeare


Which of the following is a drama?

Answer : D. Julius Caesar


Anamalous finites is the term used for the _______ auxiliaries.

Answer : C. 24


There were twelve peach-trees that in the spring time broke out into delicate blossoms of pink and pearl'.
The colour of the blossom is ________ .

Answer : B. Pink and Pearl


Which state does the poet V.K. Gokak belong to?

Answer : D. Karnataka


In whose Biography do you find this statement?
The wife is not the husband's slave but his companion and his help mate

Answer : B. Mahatma Gandhi


Choose the author who has written the prose "Those Three Bears".

Answer : C. Ruskin Bond