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Group 4 TNPSC Question Paper - 6th November 2016


"Or, all day, we drive the wheels of iron
In the factories, round and round"
In which poem do these lines occur?

Answer : A. The Cry of the Children


Which of the following is not a poem?

Answer : A. The power of Laughter


"I won't look down. No I will not
With speed of wings I hasten past".
In whose poem do the following lines occur?

Answer : A. Famida Y. Basheer


The Poem 'Laugh and be Merry' is written by

Answer : D.John Masefield


What is the theme observed in the story "The mark of Vishnu"?

Answer : D. Riddance of superstition


Which of the following is a poem?
Choose the right answer from the options given below.

Answer : C. To India -My Native Land


Match the names of the poets under column A with the names of the poems under column B and choose the correct code.

Column A Column B
a) Thomas Hardy 1) My Grandmother's house
b) Elizabeth Barrett Browning 2) Piano
c) D.R. Lawrence 3) The Cry of the Children
d) Kamala Surayya 4) The Man He Killed

Answer : D. 4 3 2 1


"A note as from a single place,
A slender tinkling fall that made"
These above lines occur in the poem

Answer : A. Going for Water


Identify the figure of speech used in the following poetic line.
In the world's broad field of battle

Answer : C. Metaphor


Walt Whitman wrote the poem "O Captain! My Captain!" as a dirge for the death of

Answer : C. Woodrow Wilson