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Group 4 TNPSC Question Paper - 11th February 2018


Supply is constant in

Answer : B. Very short period


Match the following :

List I List II
a) Governor 1) Article 171
b) Chief Minister 2) Article 170
c) Legislative Council 3) Article 153
d) Legislative Assembly 4) Article 163

Answer : B. a-3 ,b-4 ,c-1 ,d-2


Match the following and choose the correct answer :

List I(Local winds ) List II(Location)
a) Chinook 1) Gulf of Mexico
b) Fohn 2) USA
c) Mistral 3) Northern Italy
d) Norte 4) Alps region

Answer : A. a-2 ,b-3,c-4 ,d-1


Match List I with List II :

List I (Major Flood) List II (Disasters)
a) China 1) St. Francis
b) Pennsylvania 2) Assam
c) Los Angeles 3) Hwang Ho
d) India 4) Johnstown

Answer : B. a-3 ,b-4 ,c-1 ,d-2


Vak Pathar wrote

Answer : B. Astangasamgraham


Guerilla warfare means

Answer : C. Irregular warfare


In TamilNadu which year TNEB was established on the basis of EB Act of 1948?

Answer : A. 1957 July 1


Which monument depicted the similarity between Prakoy Literature and Dravida Literature?

Answer : B. Lisiar


In Rigvedic period warrior art taught to the Princess of olden days are known as

Answer : B. Danur Vedam


Match : List I List II

List I List II
a) Public Service Commission 1) 1924
b) Hindu Religious Endownment Act 2) 1929
c) Andhra University 3) 1926
d) Staff Selection Board 4) 1925

Answer : D. a-2 ,b-3,c-4 ,d-1