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Group 4 TNPSC Question Paper - 1st September 2019


Match List I and List II :

List I(Planets) List II(Number of natural satellites)
a) Mars 1) 60 satellites
b) Jupiter 2) 27 satellites
c) Saturn 3) 63 satellites
d) Uranus 4) 2 satellites

Answer : B. a-4 ,b-3 ,c-1 ,d-2


The compound used in breath analysis test for drunken driving is

Answer : A. K2Cr2O7


Which Metro Rail Corporation has started the initiative to become the World's first 100% solar-powered metro?

Answer : C. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.


As per G-20 surveillance note, India's economy is to grow at __________ in the year 2020.

Answer : C. 7.5%


In the year 1951, Population growth rate is called

Answer : D. Year of Small Divide


In which desert is Noor complex located?

Answer : A. Sahara Desert


Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct?
1. In 2019, World Environment Day was Celebrated in China.
2. The Theme for the World Environment Day is Air Pollution

Answer : A. 1 and 2 are true


The objective of Jandhan Yojana is

Answer : A. Financial inclusion


France has _________ party system.

Answer : B. Multi party


Which water conservation campaign has been recently launched by the Central Government?

Answer : D. Jal Shakthi Abhiyan