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VAO TNPSC Question Paper - 14th June 2014


Which of the following stories is not written by an Indian writer?

Answer : D. The Necklace


Pick out the poem which is not written by Robert Frost.

Answer : B. Laugh and be Merry


Find out the odd pair from those given below

Answer : D. The Necklace


"Man's little Day in haste we spend". This line is from the poem written by

Answer : B. Lewis Carroll


Fill in the blanks choosing the correct option :
The woman writer who has won both the Pulitzer prize and the Nobel prize is

Answer : C. Pearl S. Buck


Find out the poetic collection that does not include the poems of H.W. Longfellow :

Answer : C. Lyrical Ballads


Fill in the blank with the right participle. Choosing from the given options.
_______ by hunger, he stole a piece of bread.

Answer : B. Driven


Pick out the sentence that contains a gerund :

Answer : A. Swimming is a good exercise


Where is the Shop Assistant? Replace the underlined British word with it's American equivalent.

Answer : A. Sales Clerk


A mirror of his changing moods
Now sure, now steeped in thought.
Who does the word "his" refer to?

Answer : B. the Shilpi