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VAO TNPSC Question Paper - 14th June 2014


Identify the sentence that contains an adverb:

Answer : A. Praveen writes neatly


Fill in the blank with the option containing an infinitive :
She refused ________ 'no' for an answer

Answer : C. to take


Betrays me back, till the heart of me weeps to belong
To the old Sunday evenings at home,
Who does the word 'me' refer to?

Answer : A. The poet D.H. Lawrence


We ran as if to meet the moon.
Identify the figure of speech.

Answer : A. Hyperbole


We pierce your bosom with swords and spears
And you dress our wounds with oil and balsom.
What does the word 'you' refer to?

Answer : B. Earth


Fill in the blank with the right word :
Nehru loved all _______

Answer : C. Children


Identify the sentence which has an error.

Answer : B. Kolkata is the populous city


Select the correct sentence from the following:

Answer : B. The patient has been discharged from the hospital


Identify the sentence which is correct.

Answer : A. Gunga Ram was not at home


Which of the following options has a sentence with the verb in tha active voice?

Answer : C. The cat drank all the milk