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VAO TNPSC Question Paper - 28th February 2016


Which of the following works is not a drama by Shakespeare?

Answer : D. King John


Identify the nationality of the author of story. 'The Last Leaf'

Answer : D. The U.S.A


The Shakespearean character, Bassanio is from the play_______

Answer : B. The Merchant of Venice


Complete the blank in the given sentence with the suitable option given below :
Walt Whitman is ________ poet.

Answer : A. an American


Name the poet in whose poem the following line occurs:
'Life is real ! Life is earnest !'

Answer : C. H.W. Longfellow


Identify the sentence in which the comparative form of the adjective is used.

Answer : B. Prevention is better than cure


Identify the words which blend to form the word Interpol and choose the correct answer from the codes given below.

Answer : C. International + police


Select the correct meaningful sentence from the following:

Answer : C. The Quality of apples was good


Match Column A with Column B :

Column A Column B
a) Be the best 1) Thomas Hardy
b) Manliness 2) D.H. Lawrence
c) The Piano 3) Rudyard Kipling
d) The Man He killed 4) Douglas Malloch

Answer : B. 4 3 2 1


Find the Wrong pair from those given below.

Answer : C. The Cry of the Children - William Shakespeare