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VAO TNPSC Question Paper - 28th February 2016


Name the poet who describes the search for water in his poem. "Going for water".

Answer : D. Robert Frost


Match the characters in Column 'A' with the relevant titles with Column 'B'

Column A Column B
a) Morissot 1) The selfish giant
b) Noodle Vendor 2) Two friends
c) Djinn 3) The refugee
d) Cornish Ogre 4) How the camel got his hump

Answer : A. 2 3 4 1


Which one of the following drama is not written by William Shakespeare?

Answer : C. Dr. Faustus


He hath brought many captives home to Rome
Whose ransom did the general coffers fill
In the above quote, "He" refers to _____________

Answer : B. Julius Caesar


Identify the sentence that contains the passive form of the verb:

Answer : C. A laptop will have been sent to me by my mother


Choose the option containing the right sequence of articles that would complete the passage given below :
__________ Mettur dam is _______ old multipurpose project of _________ South Indian state of Tamil Nadu across ________ Cauvery river.

Answer : B. the, an, the, the


To live unknown beyond the cherished circle'
The phrase 'Cherished Circle' refers to ________

Answer : B. family members and friends


Fill in the blank with a suitable Gerund
_______ tigers is a popular sport in this country.

Answer : B. hunting


Fill in the blank with the suitable participial form of the verb
I saw the storm _______

Answer : B. approaching


Identify the type of this sentence:
The teacher punished the boy for disobedience

Answer : C. simple