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Group 2 Prelims TNPSC Question Paper - 1st December 2013


Identify the sentence with Hyperbole.

Answer : B. Why man, if the river were dry I am able to fill it with tears


Select the correct option to complete the given sentence :
If the sun had not been bright____________.

Answer : B. the pictures would not have come out well


Which of the following lines does not occur in Williams Shakespeare's works?

Answer : D. Was it cowardice, that I dared not kill him?


Mention the poem in which the following lines occur.
Your eagle pinion is chained down at last
And gravelling in the lowly dust are you.

Answer : C. To India - My Native Land


How many lines are there in a Sonnet?

Answer : C. Fourteen lines


A poem of two lines is called a

Answer : A. Couplet


Match the following characters in Column A with their roles in Column B and select the correct code :

Column A Column B
a) Portia 1) A Jewish Money Lender
b) Jessica 2) A Merchant of Venice
c) Shylock 3) Shylock's daughter
d) Antonio 4) A Wealthy Lady in Belmont

Answer : C. 4 3 1 2


Match the characters in Column A with their association in Column B as seen in Julius Caesar and select the correct code given below :

Column A Column B
a) Calphurnia 1) Eloquence of speech
b) Decius Brutus 2) Caesar's wife
c) Marcus Brutus 3) One of the conspirators
d) Mark Antony 4) Beloved friend

Answer : B. 2 3 4 1


Match the following Phrasal verbs given under Column A with their meanings under Column B :

Column A Column B
a) pick on 1) to select
b) pick up 2) to critisize
c) pick over 3) to check carefully
d) pick out 4) to improve

Answer : C. 2 4 3 1


This process goes on and the nation climbs steps of glory and gains higher strength.
Pick out a suitable word from the extract which means "fame".

Answer : C. glory