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Group 2 Prelims TNPSC Question Paper - 1st December 2013


Match the lines under Column A with the poets under Column B :

Column A Column B
a) Art is long and Time is fleeting 1) V.K. Gokak
b) And I'like a second comer, waiting 2) H.W. Long fellow
c) O' tongues of fire 3) Thomas Hardy
d) Or help to half a crown 4) D.H.Lawrence

Answer : D. 2 4 1 3


Which of the following is not true?

Answer : A. Chawla always spoke about travelling to the states


I told them
I'm not going to be a DJ.
Here DJ refers to :

Answer : C. Someone who plays CDS and records in a club or restaurant


"It was really only a little 'linnet' singing out side the window"
What does the word "linnet" indicate?

Answer : C. bird


Find the odd pair from those given below :

Answer : B. Is life, but a dream? - H.W. Longfellow


Match the following homophones with their related meanings and select the answer from the codes given below :

Homophones Meanings
a) Piece 1) Calm, undisturbed
b) Peace 2) Light in colour
c) Pail 3) A portion of an object
d) Pale 4) A bucket

Answer : A. 3 1 4 2


Identify the speaker :
"____________ not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more".

Answer : D. Brutus


Identify the speaker :
"I shot him dead because-
Because he was my foe".

Answer : B. Thomas Hardy


I shot him dead because-
Because he was my foe.
Give the meaning of the word 'foe'.

Answer : B. enemy


Name the celebrity who is interested in ornithology.

Answer : C. Salim Ali