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Group 2 Prelims TNPSC Question Paper - 1st December 2013


Identify the incorrect sentence from the following

Answer : C. Mr. Soundar is more helpful than all other persons.


Choose the correct verb :
The United States _____________ a big navy.

Answer : B. has


Choose the noun form of the verb 'sing'

Answer : C. song


Find out the part containing an Error :
Mumps are a serious illness that affects people.
     A     B             C                    D

Answer : B. are


Choose the option which contains the correct sequence of words to be filled in the blanks :
Veena ___________ by the time we _____________.

Answer : B. had left, arrived


Read the following lines and answer the questions :
"I wanted to be Shakespeare
But was poor at writing plays
I wanted to be Jane Austein
But didn't know to spin stories"
Who is Jane Austein?

Answer : B. a novelist


Match the following phrases given under Column A with their meanings, under Column B:

Column A Column B
a) put on for 1) remove
b) look for 2) extinguish
c) take off 3) search
d) put out 4) wear

Answer : C. 4 3 1 2


Identify the words which blend to form the word 'intercom' and choose the correct answer from the codes given below :

Answer : C. internal + communication


Select the suitable order of compound words for the blanks in the given passage from the options given below :
_______________ I used a _____________ table on which there was a ___________ that took me to ______________ .

Answer : A. lifelong, jet black, looking glass, wonderland


Identify the degree of comparision used in the given sentence.
Padma is the most intelligent of all girls.

Answer : B. superlative degree