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Group 2A Prelims TNPSC Question Paper - 29th June 2014


The period of William Wordsworth is

Answer : A. 1770 - 1850


Which one of the following poems has not been written by the poet "H.W. Longfellow"?

Answer : A. Be The Best


"Ahimsa means infinite love, which again means infinite capacity for suffering".
The above is a quote by

Answer : D. Mahatma Gandhiji


Identify the poem in which this line occurs.
"I often contemplate my Childhood Mom"

Answer : B. A Sonnet for my Incomparable Mother


Identify the correct degree.
No other metal is as useful as iron.

Answer : B. Positive


Find out the odd word.

Answer : D. Talkactive


Abandoned Bhutia villages dot our path and I increasingly get the feeling that we are traversing a long-forgotten route. On the fourth day we cross the ghost villages of Burfu and Bilju before we reach Milam.
'Ghost Villages' are

Answer : C. villages without people


Select the correct option to complete the given sentence.
If you do not submit your assignment today.

Answer : B. the teacher will punish you


Identify the part containing an error.
One of the boys look happy in my class.
             a              b        c          d

Answer : B. look


Match the characters given under Column A with the titles given under Column B :

Column A Column B
a) Vera 1) Holiday
b) Old man 2) Open Window
c) Phatik 3) Lottery Ticket
d) Masha 4) The Refugee

Answer : A. 2 4 1 3