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Group 2 Prelims TNPSC Question Paper - 26th July 2015


Identify the sentence which is in the positive degree :

Answer : 1. This is a major issue.


Which one of the following words 1s an example of a compound word consisting of an adverb + participle?

Answer : 4. outsourcing


Which figure of speech does the expression, "the hissing noise of the snake" contain?

Answer : 4. onomatoepia


"The ship is anchor'd safe and sound, its voyage closed and done" -
The figure of speech used by Walt Whitman in these lines is __________

Answer : 4. Metaphor


"Imagine if your precious nose were sandwiched in between your toes"
What does the word "Sandwiched" mean here?

Answer : 4. Pressesd between two things


H.W.Longfellow's poem "The Psalm of Life" is a piece of

Answer : 4. Advice


Who do you think is these lines addressed to:
You cannot rob us of the rights we cherish,
Nor turn our thoughts away
From the bright picture of a 'women's mission'
Our hearts portray

Answer : C. Society at large


Which of the following lines belong to H. W. Longfellow's "A Psalm of Life"?

Answer : D. Art is long and time is fleeting


Who told the following statement?
"Tolerance is the highest result of education".

Answer : C. Helen Keller


"To call woman the weaker sex is a libel; It is man's injustice to woman".
Who said these words about Women?

Answer : D. Mahatma Gandhi