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Group 2 Prelims TNPSC Question Paper - 26th July 2015


Rani of Jhansi was associated with __________________

Answer : C. British Government


"The story of My Experiments with Truth" is an autobiographical work written by

Answer : B. Mahatma Gandhi


In Oscar Wilde's 'The Selfish Giant' the spring season did not come to the giant's garden because

Answer : C. he did not allow the children inside the garden


In Oscar Wilde's "The Model Millionaire" Hughie is humane and handsome but

Answer : B. a man of no means


In Oscar Wilde's 'The Selfish Giant', the giant's heart melted when he saw

Answer : D. a little child unable to climb a tree


In Oscar Wilde's 'The Model Millionaire' what did Hughie do in Alan Trevor's ahsence?

Answer : B. Hughie gave the beggar some money


In Oscar Wilde's 'The Selfish Giant' only one little boy did not run away on seeing the giant because

Answer : D. he did not see the giant coming


"The habit of co-operation once required will continue with you all your life"
Which among the options best conveys the meaning of the above passage?

Answer : B. The author states the importance of team work


"No matter what happened, I always insisted on their being themselves". What does the writer mean by this statement?
Choose the right option from the following.

Answer : D. the writer wants human beings to be individuals and not to imitate others


What is a refrain?

Answer : B. The repetition of a line or lines within a poem, at given intervals