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Group 2 Prelims TNPSC Question Paper - 26th July 2015


What is the height of Shiva linga in the sanctum of the Brihadeeswarar Temple?

Answer : A. 8.7 metres


The author who wrote the lesson 'Yaanai Malai' suffered from the disease?

Answer : B. Retinitis Pigmentosa


Where is Yaanai Malai located?

Answer : B. In the North Eastern outskirts of Madurai


Identify the pair of British English and American English expressions with incorrect spelling:

Answer : D. skilful - skilfull


Match the British English words with their American equivalents:

British English American English
a) Jam 1) Fall
b) nappy 2) Antenna
c) Aerial 3) Jelly
d) Autumn 4) Diaper

Answer : C. 3 4 2 1


___________ warns Caesar about the "Ides of March".

Answer : A. A Soothsayer


Match Column A with Column B. Select the correct code given below.

Column A Column B
A) The Ant and the Grasshopper 1) Oscar Wilde
B) The Cop and the Anthem 2) Somerset Maugham
C) The Happy Prince 3) Bonnie Chamberlain
D) The Face of Judas Iscariot 4) O'Henry

Answer : A. 2 4 1 3


Match Column A with Column B. Select the correct code given below :

Column A Column B
a) My country my life 1) Sachin
b) My story 2) Nehru
c) Play It My Way 3) Kamala Das
d) Toward Freedom 4) L.K. Advani

Answer : C. 4 3 1 2


Which one of the following statement is correct?

Answer : B. V.K. Gokak is a Kannada poet and novelist


Saruli figures in

Answer : C. After the Storm