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Group 2A TNPSC Question Paper - 24th January 2016


Find out the word that has got a wrong prefix

Answer : D. Unaccessible


Fill in the blanks with a suitable article.
The value of __________ Euro is determined according to the conversion rate fixed by eleven European countries in terms of their own currencies.

Answer : C. a


Fill out the blank with suitable preposition given below :
The book comprises _________ seven lessons.

Answer : B. no preposition


Complete the sentence with a suitable question tag.
Please close the door, ____________

Answer : A. will you?


Which one of the following tag questions is incorrect?

Answer : C. am a teacher, am not I?


Choose the correct alternative from the options given below :
He used to visit us every week, but __________ now.

Answer : A. rarely comes


Read the sentence to find out whether there is any error.
If there is any error, mark the part A, B, C or D as the case may be.
Most of the victims has underwent first aid by the time the
      A                                B                               C
ambulance van reached the accident site

Answer : B. B


Fill out the blank with the appropriate conditional :
You had better consult a doctor, __________ your condition will become worse.

Answer : B. otherwise


Identify the correct sentence from the four options given below:

Answer : D. All that glitters is not gold


Which among the following words cannot be used as an adverb?
Well, early, daily, lonely

Answer : B. lonely