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Group 2A TNPSC Question Paper - 24th January 2016


Find out the odd word from the list given below:

Answer : B. strange


Which one of the following compound-nouns is wrong?

Answer : A. Coat - of - mails


"Now drops that floated on the pool Like pearls, and now a silver blade".
What figure of speech can you find in the underlined part of the above lines?

Answer : C. Metaphor


"Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit"
What figure of speech can be identified in the aforesaid line from the poem, "Where the Mind is Without Fear"?

Answer : D. Alliteration


Identify the statement that best explains the use of metaphor in "laugh till the game is played; and be you merry, my friend".

Answer : D. life is compared to a game


In "On the day of Sicilian July, with Etna smoking" The reference to Sicilian July is an example of

Answer : D. Allusion


In which poem, do you find the following line?
"Virgin rock takes form".

Answer : C. Shilpi


What does Tagore suggest to lead us to perfection in the poem "Where the mind is without fear"?

Answer : A. Tireless striving


"How beautiful you are, Earth, and how sublime How perfect your obedience to the light and how - noble is your submission to the sun"
What is the figure of speech used in the above lines?

Answer : A. Personification


Which among the responses best explains the following line :
"Day light will be on the switch and winter under rock".

Answer : D. There will be a continous switching over from day to night, and there will not be any changing seasons