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Group 2A TNPSC Question Paper - 24th January 2016


'The life of a student is, comparatively speaking, a sheltered life'
What does Gokhale mean by this?
Choose the one statement which is inapproprate.

Answer : C. They need not discharge their duties as students


"Count your blessings, not your troubles' - Here the writer's emphasis is on ____________

Answer : C. Optimism


What is the speciality of the 'Vimanams' of the Brihadeesvarar temple?

Answer : D. Built up without the use of mortar


In the idiom 'a storm in a teacup', which of the following is used as a replacement fat. The word 'storm' in American English?

Answer : B. Tempest


Identify the word pair which is different in pronunciation in British English and American English usage :

Answer : C. schedule - schedule


"Here 'tis, most reverend Doctor, here it is".
Who is the speaker and who is the listener?

Answer : C. Shylock to Portia


In Oscar Wilde's "The ModefMillionaire" Hughie could marry Laura provided

Answer : C. he came into possession of ten thousand pounds


Which of the following poem is written by David Roth?

Answer : B. Nine Gold Medals


Match the poems with the poets :

List I List II
a) Earth 1) D.H. Lawrence
b) Snake 2) H. W. Longfellow
c) A Psalm of life 3) Khilil Gibran
d) Be Glad Your Nose is on Your Face 4) Jack Prelutsky

Answer : A. 3 1 2 4


Who among the following is the author of the story, "The Wooden Bowl"?

Answer : A. Leo Tolstoy