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Group 1 TNPSC Question Paper - 2nd May 2010 - Prelims


Cisternae, Thylakoid and Cristae are located at ______, _______ and _________ respectively.

Answer : B. Golgi body, Chloroplast, Mitochondria


Which of the following is Natural Rubber?

Answer : C. Polyisoprene


Who is the only Indian and the first non-American head of the Academy of Astronautics (IAA)?

Answer : A. Madhavan Nair


Who coined the party name 'Indian National Congress'?

Answer : B. Dadabhai Naoroji


Data verbalized on a continuum scale like excellent, good, fair and poor are known as

Answer : D. Ordinal data


The new agricultural technology can best be described as

Answer : C. labour displacing


Three capacitors each of capacitance 9 pf is connected is series and is connected to 120 V supply. The potential difference across each capacitors is

Answer : B. 40 V


A can do a piece of work in 80 days. He alone works at it for 20 days and then B alone finished the remaining work in 36 days. In how many days can A and B together complete the work?

Answer : B. 30 days


The average of 25 results is 18. The average of first twelve of them is 14 and that of last twelve is 17. The thirteenth result is

Answer : B. 78


A girl started walking from her house. She first walked for 3 km together east, then she turned towards north and moved 4 km in that direction. How far is the girl away from her house?

Answer : D. 5 km north-east