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Group 1B TNPSC Question Paper - 4th November 2012 - Prelims


Comprehension :
"All the world's a stage
And all the men and women merely players
They have their exits and their entrances".
Q : The word 'Exit and Entrance' refer to

Answer : B. Birth and death


Give the suitable order of articles in the blanks of the given passage. Write the correct code given below :
______________ old man said to his daughter, "If ____________ servant finds any money on ____________ floor when she cleans _____________ room, it is mine."

Answer : C. An, the, a, a


Match the following synonym from Column A with Column B and select the correct answer from the given codes :

Column A Column B
a) Lazy 1) Deep admiration
b) Shouted 2) Unwilling to work
c) Learn 3) Speak loudly
d) Respect 4) Acquire knowledge

Answer : C. 2 3 4 1


Identify the sentence.
A man's modesty is in inverse proportion to his ignorance.

Answer : A. simple


Choose the correct antonym for the underlined word from the options given:
Einstein published his theory of General Relativity that was confirmed experimentally in 1921.

Answer : B. disproved


Rahul _______________ a lab assistant, a teacher, a book seller and now he _____________ a journalist.

Answer : D. has been, is


I _____________ the instructions but I ____________ them.

Answer : C. have read, do not understand


Match the correct noun form for the verb 'disturb'.

Answer : B. disturbance


Select the correct noun form word from the following verb 'frighten'.

Answer : B. fright


Change the following verb into noun form Die.

Answer : D. Death