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Group 1B TNPSC Question Paper - 4th November 2012 - Prelims


Fill in the blank with suitable article.
_____________ poor always work hard.

Answer : A. The


Find out the appropriate comparative degree for the following sentence.
This is the best response.

Answer : D. This is a better response than any other


He _________ ill since Monday and so he __________ the meeting.

Answer : A. has been, could not attend


Comprehension :
Language is the light of mind. So, is the English language is today's context. But ever since, we have become free, some people have protected against the retention of this language, which has pros, and cons to it.
Q : 'Pros and Cons' means

Answer : D. Advantages and disadvantages


Identify the sentence which does not contain an adjective.

Answer : D. I play chess regularly


Find the sentence in which the underlined word is used as a verb.

Answer : C. Parents guide their children


Match the following words given in Column A with their antonyms in Column B and select the correct answer from the codes given below :

Column A Column B
a) Conflict 1) Empty
b) Petrified 2) Peaceful
c) Fiery 3) Agree
d) Full 4) Reassure

Answer : C. 3 4 2 1


Identify the compound sentence.

Answer : D. Anuja was poor yet she stood first in the examination


Identify the incorrect prepositional phrase from the options given below :
There is a car park.

Answer : D. against this building


Fill in the blank with suitable article.
Man, thou art _____________ wonderful animal.

Answer : B. a