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Group 1B TNPSC Question Paper - 4th November 2012 - Prelims


Change the adjective 'quiet' into adverb using the given words.

Answer : A. quietly


Which one of the following has a correct infinitive?

Answer : A. I had rather play than work


Match the following phrases given in Column A with their meaning in Column B.

Column A Column B
a) Plenty of 1) Regret
b) Worry about 2) A lot of
c) In a half 3) Rest
d) Take a vacation 4) In anger

Answer : A. 2 1 4 3


She __________ as she ____________ into a taxi.

Answer : C. fell, was getting


Effective Time Mnagement means accomplishing more in less time. Beware of the importance of Time.
Q : Time Management means

Answer : C. Doing more in less time


Fill in the blank with suitable prepositions given below as option.
Priya worked ____________ midnight.

Answer : B. till


Select the incorrect sentence from the following :

Answer : C. The child always crying


Match the underlined words in Column A with the parts of speech in Column B and select the correct answers from the codes given :

Column I Column II
a) I like apples. 1) Adjective
b) I like white colour. 2) Adverb
c) I watch movies often. 3) Verb
d) I go to park daily 4) Noun

Answer : C. 3 1 2 4


Fill in the blank with the correct 'Homophone'.
I don't want to ____________ marks.

Answer : C. Lose


I _____________ my lunch. I _________ uneasy now. I __________ to digest it.

Answer : D. have had, feel, have to walk