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Group 1 TNPSC Question Paper - 16th February 2013 - Prelims


Match the following:

List I List II
a) Karukar 1) Thaiyalkarar (Tailor)
b) Karodar 2) Aranmanaikkavalar (Palace Security)
c) Yavanar 3) Nesavuthozhilalar (Weaver)
d) Thunnakkarar 4) Sanai Pitippavar

Answer : A. 3 4 2 1


Critically observe the reaction and choose the correct RQ from the options given below:
C18H34O2 + 25.5O2 --> 18CO2 + 17 H2O
The correct RQ of this reaction is

Answer : B. 0.71


Which of the following statements is/are not relevant to Gandhi-Irwin pact?
I. Government agreed to withdraw the repressive ordinance.
II. Government agreed to release satyagraha prisoners.
III. Congress agreed to participate in the third round table conference.
IV. Gandhi agreed to suspend the civil disobedience movement.

Answer : D. III only


The average marks in English obtained by 300 students is 45. The average marks of first 100 and last 100 students are 70 and 20 respectively. The average marks of remaining 100 students is

Answer : C. 45


Struges rule for determining the number of classes (K) in a frequency table is

Answer : A. K = 1 + 3.32log10N


Consider the following five processes with the length of the CPU burst time given in milliseconds together with their arrival time and priority.
Process   Arrival time   Burst time   Priority
  P1           0                   10                4
  P2           0                    3                 1
  P3           3                    8                 2
  P4           4                   16                4
  P5           7                    2                 5
In priority scheduling the average turn around time will be

Answer : A. 20.6 ms


What should come in the place of question mark (?)

Answer : A. 63


Horizontal bar diagram is used for

Answer : A. (A) or (C)


Classification is the process of arranging data in

Answer : C. Grouping of related facts in different classes


The sect which used to have the Trisul mark in their feet during the mediaeval period of Tamil Nadu

Answer : B. Women of Temple Service (Thevaradiyar)