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Group 1 TNPSC Question Paper - 20th July 2014 - Prelims


Which British commander captured the Poligar of Panchalankurichi, Virapandya Kattabomman and hanged him?

Answer : B. Major Banermann


Choose the correct answer :
The Indian National Army crossed the Indo Burma Frontier and planted the National Tricolour Flag on

Answer : A. 19th March 1944


Which of the following is correct? The unhappiness of the Indian Sepoys at Barrackpore, first surfaced in 1824 because
I. The 47th regiment at Barrackpore was ordered to go to Burma
II. Caste distinctions and segregations within the regiment
III. Recruitment of Brahmins were discouraged
IV. Introduction of the Enfield Rifle

Answer : A. I


Who among the following described the Indian princes as helpers and colleagues in the task of Imperial rule?

Answer : C. Lord Hardinge II


From the following graph which of the following years was the ratio of Income to expenditure the minimum.

Answer : B. 1995


The mean of 5 observation is 25, if one of the observation is excluded the mean become 20. The excluded number is

Answer : A. 45


The mean of first five prime numbers is

Answer : C. 5.6


If 'l' is the standard deviation of the elements α, β, γ. Then the standard deviation of the elements α + 3, β + 3, γ + 3 is

Answer : C. l


If the arithmetic mean of 7, 5, 13, x and a be 10, then the value of x is

Answer : B. 16


If P/Q = 1/3 then 27P-34Q   is

Answer : C. -25/9