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Group 1 TNPSC Question Paper - 19th February 2017 - Prelims


Match List I with List II and select your answers using the codes below :

List I List II
a) Madan Mohan Malavia 1) Azad Hind Fauz
b) A.O. Hume 2) Home Rule Movement
c) Annie Besant 3) Banaras Hindu University
d) Subash Chandra Bose 4) Indian National Congress

Answer : B. 3 4 2 1


Which is not correctly matched?

Answer : B. Vinoba Bhave - Second Individual Satyagrahi


Ramsay Macdonald, the British Prime Minister announced the communal award on

Answer : A. 16th August, 1932


Choose the incorrect pair from the following :

Answer : D. Madras Native Association - Surendranath Banerjee


Who was the First Women President of Indian National Congress?

Answer : B. Annie Besant


Match the following and choose the correct answer from the codes given below :

List I List II
a) DandiMarch 1) 1931
b) Karachi Congress 2) 1932
c) Third-Round Table Conference 3) 1930
d) Lahore Congress 4) 1929

Answer : C. 3 1 2 4


Who was the First Finance Minister of Independent India?

Answer : D. R.K. Shanmugam Chettiyar


Arrange the following items according to the chronological order :
I. Simon Commission
II. Gandhi Irwin Pact
III. Third Round Table Conference
IV. DandiMarch

Answer : C. I, IV, II, III


The main functions of NITI Aayog does not include

Answer : C. disbursal of funds to central ministries and state governments


The term demographic dividend refers to

Answer : B. increase in working class