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Group 1B TNPSC Question Paper - 4th November 2012 - Prelims


Select the odd sentence pattern from the following :

Answer : B. This shoe is large


Find out the antonyms for the underlined word.
Some people mess up their houses with ever lasting rubbish.
1. Lasting
2. Temporary
3. Changing
4. Endless
5. Eternal

Answer : D. 1, 2 and 3


Change the following into positive degree.
This temple is the biggest in India.

Answer : B. No other temple in India is as big as this temple


Identify the compound sentence.

Answer : D. We must eat or we cannot live


Select the correct suffix to frame a new word. Using the given word 'Purpose'.

Answer : C. less


Choose the correct antonym for the underlined word from the options given:
His ways of presentation is Unique.

Answer : A. common


Which one of the following is a correct sentence?

Answer : B. I have been living here since 1995


Pick out the statement that doesn't match with the given question tag.

Answer : D. Have some more rice, can you?


Choose the correct synonym of the undelined word.
The rule are made to be enforced.

Answer : B. applied


Match the following sentences in Column A with the units in Column B and select the correct answer from the codes given below :

Column A Column B
a) I dream everyday 1) noun
b) Life is a gift 2) Verb
c) I write a letter 3) adjective
d) It is a business letter 4) adverb

Answer : B. 4 1 2 3