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Group 1 TNPSC Question Paper - 16th February 2013 - Prelims


An alkaline earth metal M forms covalent compounds. It forms water soluble sulphate MSO4 and water insoluble hydroride M(OH)2 which is a amphoteric in nature. The metal M is

Answer : B. Beryllium


Consider the following statements:
I. Diamond is bad conductor of electricity
II. Graphite is used for making electrodes of electric furnaces.
III. Solid carbon monoxide is known as dry ice
IV. Carbondioxide turns moist red litmus slightly bluish.
Which of the above statement(s) is/are correct?

Answer : C. I and II


Match List I with List II correctly and select your answer using the codes given below:

List I (Ores) List II (Metals)
a) Haematite 1) Lead
b) Cinnabar 2) Iron
c) Calamine 3) Mercury
d) Galena 4) Zinc

Answer : A. 2 3 4 1


Differentiate Teratogen from Mutagen

Answer : A. Teratogen is a chemical that causes malformation in an embryo or foetus while Mugagen causes change in genetic material of the adult


Columns of Bertini in the kidneys of mammals are formed as extensions of

Answer : B. Cortex into medulla


Which one of the following is/are correctly matched?
(i) Arteritis - inflammation of artery
(ii) Occlusion - Closure of blood vessel
(iii) Thrombectomy - Removal of blood clot from a blood vessel

Answer : A. All the three are correct


Which of the following statements in not associated with biocommunication in animals?

Answer : C. Associated with social conflict of organism between same species


Assertion (A) : On rainy day small oil film on water show brilliant colours.
Reason (R) : This is due to polarization of light.

Answer : C. (A) is true but (R) is false


A particle motion is given by distance - time curve as shown in the figure. The maximum instantaneous velocity of the particle is around the point.

Answer : C. R


Match List I with List II correctly and select your answer using the codes given below:

List I
(Culture Realms)
List II
(Culture Areas)
a) The occidental 1) Korea
b) The main Islamic 2) Anglo-America
c) The Indic 3) Jordan
d) East Asia 4) Nepal

Answer : B. 2 3 4 1