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Group 1 TNPSC Question Paper - 8th November 2015 - Prelims


Match the following :

List I List II
a) Krebs cycle 1) Occurs in cytoplasm
b) Ubiquinone 2) Diffuse from cytoplasm to mitochindria
c) Glycolysis 3) Mobile carrier
d) Acetyl-CoA 4) Occurs in motochondrial matrix

Answer : A. 4 3 1 2


The purines present in nucleic acids are :
I. Adenine and Cytosine
II. Guanine and Thymine
III. Adenine and Guanine
IV. Cytosine and Uracil

Answer : B. III


Find out the correct match/es :
I. Enzymes - Biological catalysts
II. DNA - Nucleic acid
III. Insulin - Hormone
IV. Vitamin E - Water soluble vitamin

Answer : D. I, II and III


The number of generalised co-ordinates required to describe the position of a simple pendulum is

Answer : B. 2


If g is the acceleration due to gravity and R is the radius of the earth, then escape velocity is given by the relation

Answer : C. Ve = √2Rg


The relation connecting Young's modulus (E), Bulk modulus (K) and Rigidity modulus (N) is

Answer : A. 9/E = 3/N + 1/K


The S.I unit of gravitational constant G is

Answer : D. Nm2 kg-2


Choose the correct answer :
The itai-itai disease of Japan was caused due to
I. Arsenic pollution
II. Cyanide pollution
III. Cadmium pollution
IV. Lead pollution

Answer : C. III only


Match the following :

List I List II
a) Sericulture 1) Farming of aquatic organisms
b) Horticulture 2) Culture of honey bees
c) Aquaculture 3) Rearing of silk worms
d) Apiculture 4) Cultivation and maintaining gardens

Answer : A. 3 4 1 2


Expand FAT

Answer : D. File Allocation Table